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Markes Massage Chair MMC-2106
  • MASSAGE FUNCTION - Provides amazing comfortable rolling, kneading, knocking, and tapping massage on neck, back, waist and seat areas which can stimulate acupoint and eliminates body fatigue with its patented massage machine in the backrest. It has the S-shaped back rail that meets human body’s curve based from the ergonomic principle. It has a body shape test function for people with different body height to enjoy massage of different back travel length.
  • RECLINING FUNCTION - Controllable and adjustable reclining function with backrest to enable user attain the relaxation and comfort they deserve.
  • ARMREST FUNCTION - It has back and forth movable C-shaped armrest with airbags that can effectively massage on wrists and can toggle arms.
  • LEGREST & FOOTREST FUNCTION - With airbags in the legrest and footrest which effectively press and massage in order to help stabilize good blood capillary circulation. Footrest can be automatically stretched out or retracted back which is ideal for all types of body height.
  • PLAY MUSIC - A built-in MP3 with loudspeaker & headphone, providing enjoyable music anytime.

Markes Massage Chair MMC-2106

    • Model - MMC-2106
    • Rated Power Input - 220W
    • Voltage & Frequency - 230V/60Hz
    • Unit Weight - 108kg
    • Unit Dimension (WxDxH) - 1310x840x860mm
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